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Why We’re Technology-Forward

Much can be said for traditional dentistry. After all, it has helped countless patients return to optimal oral health and confidence. However, with the introduction of advanced dental technologies and techniques, dentists around the world have been able to provide the same services at a much higher standard of care. 

We choose to use advanced technology in our Ocala, FL practice because we know that it greatly improves both the experiences of our patients and the predictability of our treatments, especially involving implant surgery. 

Our implant dentist, Dr. Nickelice Brand, and our experienced team are trained to use the equipment and technology in our office, helping to streamline your treatment, minimize or eliminate error, and confidently provide predictable implant and restorative care.

The Benefits of Modern Dentistry

In-Office Dental Lab for High-End Treatment

We’re proud to offer our patients the advantages of our in-office dental lab! Having a dental lab in our facility allows us to provide a digital treatment workflow, better surgical experiences, more customized and beautiful restorations, and predictably long-lasting results. 

The Dental Implants of Ocala dental lab features a design station with CAD/CAM capabilities, a microscope, 3D printers, and a milling machine, in addition to the state-of-the-art surgical technologies we already use. 

With specialized training and experience in this lab equipment and technology, we can provide numerous patient benefits, including:

  • More personalized, higher quality restorations
  • Same-day treatments and fewer visits
  • Greater guarantee of long-lasting results
  • Significantly shorter treatment times
  • Complete quality control, from start to finish
  • Comprehensive treatment, in one location

Our Advanced Dental Technology


Bone Morphogenetic Protein

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Bone Morphogenetic Protein

BMP is a lab-derived protein used in bone grafting procedures that stimulate the body to naturally re-grow bone.

Intraoral Camera

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Intraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras allow patients to see what our dentist sees with real-time and high-quality footage of the inside of their mouth.


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PIEZOSURGERY used in bone grafting procedures uses piezoelectric vibrations to cut bone tissue without harming healthy gums.

Plasma Rich Growth Factors

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Plasma Rich Growth Factors

PRGF derived from the patient’s own blood and placed at the treatment site stimulate the regrowth of new hard and soft tissue.

Modern Solutions for Traditional Care

Dental treatments like dental implants have been around for decades. We combine the effectiveness of these well-established processes with modern solutions to further ensure the accuracy and convenience of treatment. 

We proudly use Digital Smile Design and CEREC in our implant treatments for this reason. With Digital Smile Design technology, we can virtually design what your new smile will look like, including correctly proportioned and colored teeth.

This accurate representation of your smile lets you see how you will look when the process is complete and gives us an precise blueprint for your treatment. Similarly, CEREC technology lets us design, mill, and attach a dental crown in just one appointment with digital software and our in-house milling machine.

Our technology truly elevates our patients’ experiences and provides us with the opportunity to offer exceptional, predictable care. Come see for yourself!

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