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Dentures and Partials Aren’t Your Only Option

Slipping when you eat. Difficulty speaking clearly. Fear when laughing openly. You know all too well the annoyances and embarrassments of loose dentures or partials. Even though they were originally custom-fit to your mouth, the resorption of your jaw bone may now leave them feeling uncomfortable or irritating to your gums. It can be stressful and painful to live with missing teeth and feel like dentures or partials are your only option, especially if you have been living with them for years. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! Our implant dentist, Dr. Nickelice Brand, and our experienced team have helped hundreds of patients in your exact situation gain confidence and renew their health with dental implant solutions like implant-retained bridges and implant supported dentures! Using the functional benefits of dental implants secured in your jaw, these partial and full arch solutions make it possible to live a life free from the discomfort and embarrassment of loose, painful dentures or partials.

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Say “Goodbye” to the Insecurity of Missing Teeth

Dentures and partials secured with permanent dental implants mean you can live without fear your teeth will fall out, self-consciousness about the way you look, or any discomfort or pain. Partials using dental implants won’t need existing healthy teeth to be altered, thus providing a healthier and more natural solution. Implant supported dentures, which combine two or more dental implants with your retro-fitted denture or a new prosthesis, secure a full arch of teeth that are significantly more functional than traditional dentures and look naturally attractive. With these partial and full arch solutions, you might just find yourself saying “goodbye” to the insecurity of missing teeth and pain from dentures and partials!

Benefiting from Dental Implant Solutions

Comprehensive Implant Care, Right Here

We pride ourselves in having the training and experience to offer comprehensive implant care in our Ocala, FL practice. This means that if you require certain preliminary procedures such as extractions or bone grafting, this can be accomplished right here by Dr. Brand himself. In addition, our modern office is equipped with advanced surgical technology and IV sedation to ensure a comfortable experience and predictable long-term results! You can count on us to provide you with exceptional patient care with the goal to improve your oral health and overall quality of life. If an implant-retained bridge or implant supported dentures are the solution you’ve been looking for, contact our office today!
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