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Dental Implants vs Bridges: Which Is Right for Me?

You’re probably familiar with the traditional dental bridge since it has been around for quite some time. The procedure is used to replace a missing tooth and restore dental function. A bridge is supported by one or more natural teeth on either side of the missing tooth socket. If you’re concerned about compromising the health and strength of your natural teeth, dental implants may be a better solution for your situation. Here are a few reasons why implants are better than bridges.


Dental bridges can potentially last up to 10 years or longer, but implants have even better longevity. The average implant can last over 20 years if it is accepted well by the body and cared for properly. If you want a tooth replacement option that you won’t need to replace in a few years, ask your dentist about dental implants.


A dental bridge can only be used if just one tooth is missing and there are still healthy teeth to function as anchors. Dental implants, on the other hand, can be used to replace multiple missing teeth since they don’t rely on natural teeth for support. Implants get their support from the jawbone, where they are surgically implanted.

Bone Support

Your jawbone needs constant support and stimulation to remain strong and dense. In the absence of tooth roots, the jawbone begins to degrade almost immediately. Dental implants can halt the loss of bone in the jaw by giving it structural support and stimulation. No other form of tooth replacement available today can do this.


Implants are superior to all other tooth replacement options when it comes to a natural appearance. If you don’t want anyone else to notice you have one or more prosthetic teeth, implants are the best choice.

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We’d love to tell you more about the benefits of dental implants and what to expect during the implant placement process. Call Dental Implants of Ocala today and we’ll help you arrange a consultation with Drs. Nick Brand or Chris Williams.

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