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New Dental Implants, New Teeth - Same Day

There’s a lot that goes into placing a full set of dental implants. So it might be hard to imagine how you can realistically expect a dentist and staff to pull any decayed teeth, place the dental implants and then set you on your way with a brand new set of teeth anchored to those implants – all in the same day. It’s true that in the past, you’d only have the option to wear temporary dentures after implant surgery. But things have changed, and you may not have to wear temporary dentures for months until your dental implants heal.

Dental Implant Placement Is More Efficient Than Ever
One of the biggest factors that made way for same-day dental implants and dentures is the massive increase in efficiency that the dental implant placement process has gone through over the last decade or so. Now, placing dental implants in more efficient than ever thanks in large to developments in several sectors: digital imaging, computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing.
These days, dentists are backed with sophisticated software that helps them deliver several benefits to you during your dental implant placement journey. One of the biggest is assistance in implant placement. Your dentist can image your mouth and plot exactly where each dental implant should go. Your dentist can even generate a graphic of what you’ll look like with your new teeth.

Advanced Imaging and Fabrication Software Speeds Up New Teeth
With the dental implant planning process streamlined with software, the placement procedure takes less time – and that gives your dental staff more time to attach your implant-supported dentures the same day. This advanced planning software also helps the dentist determine exactly what angle each implant needs to be placed in.
So with your implants in their optimal placement, and the ability for your dental office to fabricate your dentures quickly, you implants will be strong enough to support your dentures even though the implants will need more time to fully heal.

Find Out More About Same-Day Dental Implants in Gainesville, FL
Take time to schedule a consultation with a local dentist to learn about your full range of options for getting dental implants in Gainesville, FL, Ocala, FL and surrounding communities.

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