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What Does Advanced Gum Disease Look Like and How to Beat It?

Most people can recognize two of the most common signs of gum disease: tender gums, and a bit of blood in the spittle when brushing or flossing. However, much fewer people can spot the signs of advanced gum disease – the latter stages of gum disease that cannot be easily reversed. While your local dentist will be the best place to get definitive answers about the stage of your teeth and gums, it can be helpful for you to learn how to spot some of the most glaring warning signs indicating that advanced gum disease is ahead.

Gingivitis: Early Stages of Gum Disease

Many of the symptoms of gingivitis look like mild versions of those of periodontitis. Many people, if not everyone, will experience these symptoms in their lifetime. Whilst they are not necessarily cause for concern, gingivitis is something to keep track of and prevent from making it worse. Take a look at some of the symptoms of gingivitis:

  • Mild or moderation discoloration of the gums
  • Swollen gums that are tender to the touch.
  • Chronically bad breath.
  • Mild bleeding of the gums when brushing or flossing your teeth

The above symptoms are common with periodontitis, yet markedly more severe in nature.

Maintaining good oral hygiene practices will prevent the advancement of gingivitis into gum disease. Flossing, brushing, mouth rinses, etc do make an impact and will prevent further advancement.

Periodontitis: Moderate Gum Disease

The biggest distinction between the early and latter stages of gum disease is permanence. For the most part, the damage done by periodontitis is irreversible. The inflammation of the gums, bleeding, gum discoloration and other symptoms are more pronounced with periodontitis.

In addition to the symptoms shared with gingivitis, here are some that are more specific to periodontitis:

  • Gum Recession – The gums line begins to recede and it starts to appear like the teeth are getting longer.
  • Pain – There’s significant dull to sharp pain when chewing.
  • Loose Teeth – Teeth no longer feel firmly planted and move when pushed. They may also shift and may no longer align with the teeth opposite them.
  • Bone Loss – Teeth fall out and the jaw bone recedes and becomes weaker.

Once periodontitis has gotten to this point, a doctor will have to assess the site to determine the best course of action. In many cases, tooth loss caused by periodontitis can be treated using single implants. By replacing the teeth that fall out, further bone loss in the jaw can be prevented.

Yet, some cases go on for long enough that bone loss has become significant. Single dental implants can even become ineffective with significant bone loss.

Advanced Periodontitis: Severe Gum Disease

The major difference between Periodontitis and Advanced Periodontitis is the area of affected tissues and the severity of symptoms. Once a significant portion of bone loss has occurred and the area affected has spread through one or both jaws, then the infection has reached a point where advanced treatments are required.

These sorts of treatments include full-arch implants or an All-on-4® solution. These are the best because they avoid possible complications of implant failure with single implants caused by inflamed tissues or decayed bones. Plus, these solutions allow for the strength of your bite to be restored to pre-advanced periodontitis levels.

Looking For Gum Disease Treatment in The Villages, FL?

Taking steps to avoid gum disease is important in maintaining a strong and healthy set of teeth. That is why Dental Implants of Ocala is committed to fighting gum disease in every form. By guiding all who come to our facilities, we can help prevent gum disease.

But for some, periodontitis is a reality. That is why we recommend meeting with Dr. Nick Brand to discuss what treatment option is best for you. For decades, Dr. Brand has exceeded the expectations of patients to provide quality and comfortable care to all who visit our center. An expert in single implants, full arch, and the All-on-4® solution, Dr. Brand is ready to assist no matter the stage of your periodontitis.

If you are seeking guidance on your next step towards better oral health, consider reaching out to schedule your first consultation with Dr. Brand in our office today. Comprehensive treatments are the best way to beat gum disease, and we have got that covered! With state-of-the-art dental technology, top-notch staff, and a nothing is impossible attitude, we are ready to help you beat this disease and go forward into a healthy new life!

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