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Beyond the Cost of Parts, What Else Goes into the Dental Implant Cost?

If the prices of dental implant parts are comparable all around the country, the total cost of getting them can cost significantly more. So what else goes into the cost of dental implants and will how much of it will apply to you. Take a look at the services you’ll, along with some you might, in order to ensure your dental implants are placed properly and set up for long-term success.

The planning stage is critical to enjoying long-term success with dental implants. During this phase, you and your dentist will work to establish expectations and the viability of dental implants for you. This phase will include the 3D imaging of your teeth and bone structure to determine if you’re a strong candidate for dental implants. The imaging will also help your dentist create a surgical guide for precisely placing your implants.

Supporting Procedures
If you aren’t a strong candidate for dental implants, your dentist will offer you restorative services they may help improve your candidacy. A bone graft, for example, may be done to strengthen weak areas of the jawbone to provide more reliability for the implants. Another common procedure you may need is a tooth extraction if decaying teeth are standing in the way of your new dental implants.

Implant Placement
When it’s finally time to have your dental implants placed, your dentist will be able to place them quickly and efficiently. The process is short enough that your dentist can also perform other procedures, such as a tooth extraction, during the same appointment.

Follow Up
To ensure that your dental implants heal properly, and on time, you’ll need to follow up with your dentist every month or so until your implants have fully healed. It’ll take at least four months for them to heal fully.

More on the Dental Implant Cost in The Villages, FL
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