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Ways to Manage Dental Implant Costs

It’s perfectly normal. Most people who need a full set of dental implants to replace missing or failed teeth can’t afford to pay the full price of parts and placement surgery in a single installment. However, the same could be said of houses, cars, big-ticket electronics and more. A single payment is just too steep of a price. But just as there are ways to subsidized and finance cars and houses, the are plenty of options to enable you to bring down the total cost of life-changing dental implants.
Find out how you can break down the dental implant cost in the Villages, FL into digestible installments that’ll fit comfortably into your budget.

Dental Insurance and Health Savings Accounts
An employer-subsidized health plan can help bring down the cost of dental implants. However, they tend to only cover a fraction of the cost. And while every bit will help, you’ll likely also want to turn to other options.
A health savings account can be a versatile solution to covering the cost of just about any medical procedure. Take a look at some of the benefits of using a health savings account to help pay for your dental implants:
  • •Untaxed contributions
  • •Untaxed withdrawals
  • •No income restrictions
  • •No use it or lose it

Financing Through a Dentist’s Office
Some dental groups may offer in-office financing that could cover at least a portion of the price, if not all, allowing you to make monthly installments. These plans are usually short term, so the higher monthly installments may not work for everyone.

Equity Lines and Credit Accounts
You may not be able to put your hands on enough cash, but you may have something that’ll ensure you the best rates around on dental implants: your home. Borrowing against your home’s value can help you get dental implants with payments you can afford.
There are several major lenders that specialize in healthcare. With companies like CareCredit, you could secure a line of credit the covers your entire treatment and offers a monthly rate you can comfortably afford.

More on Dental Implant Costs in the Villages, FL
Take a moment to schedule an appointment with a Central Florida dentist to learn more about ways you can manage dental implant costs in The Villages, FL.

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