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What are the Causes of Gum Disease?

Most people don’t even think about gum disease until gum disease does something to demand their attention. Gum disease symptoms like bleeding gums, discolored gums, swollen gums and more can compel most people to take gum disease seriously and turn to a local dentist for help getting the issue back under control. Knowing what causes gum disease and who’s at risk of getting it can help you be more vigilant in defending against it. Take a look at the common causes of gum disease and the common consequences for letting it go untreated.

The Causes
The most common cause of gum disease is poor dental care. Brushing and flossing are important because they help dramatically cut down on bacteria in the most and they rid the mouth of leftover food particles that those bacteria feed on to make the pasty, grey-colored goo known as “plaque.” A continued lack of dental care will see that plaque harden onto teeth into a substance known as “tartar,” which can only be removed from teeth by a dentist or hygienist.
These are some of the risk factors that tend to make people more susceptible to getting gum disease:
•Medicines that cause dry mouth
•Hormonal changes
•And more

The Consequences
The buildup of tartar on teeth can give a boost to the spread of gum disease. As the buildup continues, tartar begins to dip below the gumline and collect on the roots of teeth. Eventually, the buildup with cause the gum and teeth to separate.
•These are some of the more serious consequences of gum disease:
•The gums become inflamed and bleed easily
•Teeth loosen or shift, causing your bite to change
•Teeth fall out
•The gums recede, making the teeth appear longer

More on Gum Disease in The Villages, FL
Reserve an appointment to consult with a local dentist to learn more about the state of your oral health and to find out about your options for treating gum disease in The Villages, FL. 

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