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Restoring a Smile after Loose or Missing Teeth

For many people, it’s the stuff nightmares are made of. Your tongue grazes a particular tooth, and the tooth gives way ever so slightly. It’s frightening because it’s a red flag warning you that the tooth is on it’s way out. And if you’ve been in this situation, you can’t help but wonder how many more will loosen too. No matter if you’ve lost a single tooth, several or all of them – you have options for restoring both aesthetics and function to your smile. Take a look at some of the top options for replacing failing or missing teeth.

Dental Bridges
One of the most common solutions for replacing a missing tooth, or a few, dental bridges rely on the support of healthy teeth to fill in gaps. Bridges are replacement teeth that are anchored to two teeth, one on each side of a gap.

Partial Dentures
When there are no healthy teeth nearby to support a dental bridge, a partial denture can serve as an effective solution. Like a full set of dentures, partial dentures use a combination of suction, adhesives and struts to stay in place.

Dental Implants
Hands-down, the best option for replacing any number of missing or failed teeth is dental implanting. Dental implants are a much more reliable tooth replacement option than dentures because they work in much the same fashion as natural teeth.

Here are the primary parts of a dental implant:
The implant post – this titanium rod acts like the roots of teeth. It’s embedded into the jawbone, where it will fuse and provide permanent support.
The abutment – this part connects to the top of the implant post and sits just above the gumline. The abutment anchors replacement teeth to the implant post.
Replacement teeth – these may be dental crowns, bridges partial dentures are dentures.

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