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What to Expect Ahead of Having Dental Implants Placed?

Even if you have a pretty good idea about how dental implants work and the time it takes for them to properly heal, it can still prove nerve-racking and a tad confusion before you finally have that all-important consultation with your oral surgeon about your desires for dental implants. Knowing what to expect ahead of having dental implants placed can make it much easier to make the first steps and follow through with that all-important consultation. Take a look at the things you need to know about preparing for dental implants, as well as your implant placement procedure.

This is where your dental implant journey begins: consulting with an oral surgeon to find out if you’re a strong candidate for dental implants.

During the consultation phase, your dentist and their staff will help to fill in any gaps you may have in your knowledge of dental implants. It’s your time to get all of those questions off your mind and receive definitive answers.

During the examination, typically done separate from the consultation, your dentist staff will take 3D scans of your mouth to assess the health of gums, jawbones and any remaining natural teeth.

Your dentist will need to ensure that your jawbone has the mass and density necessary to support dental implants. Heavy bone loss in the jawbones can make a person a poor candidate for dental implants, though your dentist may determine that bone grafting could improve your candidacy.

Along with your oral health, your dentist will also need to review your overall health to ensure that you’re healthy enough for your dental implants to heal properly. If you have a compromised immune system, you may need to take antibiotics ahead of your procedure.

At the end of your examinations, it’ll be time to settle on a day for your procedure.

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