dental patient smiling after his bone graft

Ways Bone Grafting Can Help Rebuild Your Smile

Age, chronic health issues, gum disease and more can ravage a person’s smile, slowly accelerating the deterioration of the jawbones until the smile loses definition and sags. However, bone loss can be stopped and new bone can even be regenerated in many cases, restoring the contours and definition of the mouth and face for a more vibrant smile. Bone grafting is key to regenerating lost bone and there are several common applications of grafting used in a dental setting. Take a look at various types of dental bone grafting and learn how they can be used to maintain or elevate your smile. Preservation Bone grafting can help preserve your smile or at least slow the loss of bone, which causes the smile to begin to sag. A ridge preservation procedure is an option for patients who have had teeth extracted. The procedure entails using graft procedure to fill in empty sockets in the jawbone after teeth have been extracted and to help maintain the ridge structure of the jawbone. This procedure won’t permanently preserve the jawbone, but it can certainly stop the deterioration and limit the need for more bone grafting in the future. Regeneration Severe bone loss can hurt your candidacy for some of the top options for replacing missing teeth, dental implants, but bone grafting can reverse your fortunes. Take a high-level look at how bone grafting can help regenerate jawbone:
  • The graft – this is bone material taken from a donor source. This material is placed in the jawbones in areas of low bone density or mass.
  • Guided regeneration – a membrane is wrapped around the graft material to control the regeneration of bone
  • Fusion – the body accepts the graft material and generates new bone tissue
  • With jawbones fortified by bone grafts, your smile may look more defined and more vibrant than it has in years.
  More on Bone Grafting in Gainesville, FL Take a moment to reserve a consultation with a local dentist to learn more about your options for getting a bone graft in Gainesville, FL.

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