dental patient using iv sedation to help with dental anxiety

How Sedation Dentistry Helps Patients With Dental Anxiety

Many dentists realize that patients tend to have some sort of anxiety over doctor’s offices or procedures.  Sometimes the anxiety is so bad, patients stop seeing the dentist because of how strongly they fear it. Whether it is instilled in them or they have had bad experiences in the past, not keeping up with proper dental care can be detrimental to your overall health. This is why dentists are turning to sedation dentistry for their patients. Here are some things to know about sedation dentistry.

Methods Are Extensively Used, Safe, and Very Effective

Sedation dentistry has been widely used for a long time, by doctors of all kinds. Nitrous oxide has remained in usage dating back to the mid-1800s, and IV sedation in the field of dentistry has been utilized since 1945. The administering of IV sedation by a certified expert is very efficient. All of the sedation types available make your dental treatment as comfortable as possible while making it less complicated to execute the procedure for the dentist.

IV sedation is generally offered for extra-complicated procedures or for people that suffer from serious apprehension. Your doctor will speak with you to identify what level of sedation is best for your needs prior to the start of your treatment.

Sedation Dentists Have to Complete Extra Education

A professional with the appropriate training can only carry out IV sedation. A sedation dental professional needs to finish years of additional education and learning to understand how to appropriately sedate a patient.

Contact our office if you would like to know more about sedation dentistry and the methods we focus on at our practice. If you are someone with anxiety over going to a dental appointment, it is important to contact us prior to your visit, so we can aptly prepare to provide the best care for your specific needs.

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