How to Feel Confident After a Tooth Extraction

Living with a missing tooth is hard enough, but add the impact a gaped smile has on your self-confidence and it makes anyone think twice about having a tooth extraction. Our teeth are an incredibly important part of our bodies, yet they are often overlooked. Our teeth allow us to eat our favorite foods, speak clearly, smile confidently, and enjoy a natural facial shape. So when you need to have one or more teeth extracted, it can have a significant impact on your entire life. However, of all the impacts tooth extraction can have, most people worry about their confidence in their smile. But, there are solutions to help after a tooth extraction, and you can see them below:


Why We Need A Tooth Extraction


There are a number of reasons why one may need a tooth extraction. Commonly though, when a tooth is no longer viable, a dentist will recommend its removal. What we mean by viable is a few different things. If you are experiencing tooth pain that cannot be solved with other procedures such as a root canal, that is one reason why a tooth would be extracted. Another is if the tooth is decayed to the point it is no longer functioning. Finally, if the tooth is damaged due to chipping, grinding, or other facial traumas, then it is also likely no longer viable.

When it comes time for a tooth extraction, we prep you with sedation so you do not feel a thing when the tooth is removed. Once taken out, we clean the gap in case any infection had been the reason as to why the tooth failed. After that, we could send you on your way but having a gap in your teeth can impact one’s confidence to smile. That is why we offer different solutions that can help eliminate the gap and restore your teeth line.


Restore Confidence with These Solutions


Dental Implants

By far, the best option to restore your self-confidence after having a tooth extracted is to replace the missing teeth with dental implants. Implants are lifelike tooth replacement solutions that mimic the form and function of natural teeth. This means that after you have the procedure completed and healed, you’ll be able to return to the same way of life that you had prior to extraction! These teeth blend in seamlessly with your smile and most other people will never know you have had a tooth extracted!

Implant Supported Dentures

For those who want a mix of implants and dentures, implant supported dentures may be a solution. This option utilizes dental implants with your existing denture to firmly support the prosthesis. While the implants are permanent, the denture can be removed, but when worn, the implants add extra security within the mouth. This option is often chosen for those without any teeth and who have a full denture already.

Full or Partial Denture

For those patients who are not ready yet for implants, a denture or partial denture can be their solution. Most people have an idea of what a denture is; essentially it is a prosthesis that is worn in the mouth that fills in the gaps of missing teeth. This is not a permanent solution like dental implants and will require them to be removed for cleaning and sleeping. You’ll always have your missing teeth, but when wearing dentures, most people won’t notice.

A Dental Bridge

The simplest solution for a missing tooth is a dental bridge. This is a series of dental crowns that have been fused together and are used to span the gap of a missing tooth or teeth. While this solution fills in the missing spaces, it also requires your dentist to alter surrounding teeth to act as a support for the bridge. This means, you not only have a missing tooth but will have several modified teeth as well. This bridge is then bonded to the surrounding teeth and gives a firm hold within the mouth. Over the years, many patients find they need to replace or restore their bridge.


Restore Your Confidence Today


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