Solutions for Aging Teeth

As we get older, its natural for our bodies to start to change, and one of these changes is often a weakening to our teeth. For many people, this may look like your teeth are turning more yellow or brown, for others, they may be more brittle or mobile than they were years ago. If you’ve noticed these changes happening to your teeth, there may still be solutions to help revitalize your smile and get you looking and feeling younger again.

What Causes Our Teeth to Change?

For the most part, teeth can become compromised due to everyday wear and tear and the habits we have as humans. Most of the issues we experienced occur due the enamel, a hard protective coating on our teeth, being worn away. As this enamel becomes weaker, the teeth become more susceptible to decay and staining from foods, drinks, and smoking. And for those who have diets that consist of foods and drinks that are routinely known for staining teeth, these can also have an impact on the color of teeth years down the road.

For other patients, the cause of their aging teeth might be from neglect. Not brushing and flossing twice a day or skipping dental appointments can lead to compromised teeth without the patient even knowing it was happening. And finally, genetics can play a key role in the health of your teeth. Some people just have naturally unhealthy or weak teeth, and that runs through their family.

A Permanent Solution to Aging Teeth

When teeth become so stained, weak, or even start to fall out, there are several solutions to help. While most people think of dentures to replace their teeth, this option often has drawbacks such as a weak bite, low stability, and an unnatural feel. Dental implants, however, are now considered the gold standard solution to replace missing, failing, or aging teeth. Implants mimic natural healthy teeth and can give patients back a healthy, white, and confident smile that they had years ago. There are a wide range of implant options you can choose from, including:

  • Single Tooth Replacement
    If one, or a few scattered teeth, are aged beyond saving, dental implants can replace them on a one-for-one basis. These new teeth will blend in seamlessly with the surrounding teeth for a natural look and feel.
  • Multiple Tooth Replacement
    For those missing several teeth in a row, implant supported bridges can be created to span the gap in a stable, healthy manner. The bridge rests on the implants instead of surrounding teeth.
  • Full Mouth Tooth Replacement
    The more permanent alternative to dentures, full mouth dental implants replace all the teeth on the top or bottom with brand new teeth that are attached to four or more implants. This provides security, comfort, strength, and aesthetics to the smile.
  • Implant Supported Dentures
    For patients who already wear dentures but want improved security, as few as two dental implants can be inserted into the jaw bone to connect with a modified denture. This enhances the bite, strength, and security of a denture.

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