What to Do if Your Dentures Keep Slipping

As popular as dentures are for a tooth replacement solution, many patients often complain that their denture slips within their mouth or even falls out completely. When you are counting on your denture to be a tooth replacement, having them slip within the mouth is not only inconvenient, but also embarrassing. Most dentures are held in place through suction or adhesives and pastes, but during everyday use these adhesive solutions can degrade or lose their effectiveness, causing the dentures to eventually slip or fall out. However, if you are tired of your dentures slipping, there are alternatives that can help.

Why Dentures Slip

  • Lack of adhesives
  • Improper fit
  • Deterioration of bone support
  • Food stuck underneath the denture

Implant Supported Dentures

For those patients who are used to wearing dentures or who do not want to make the investment to full mouth tooth replacement solutions with dental implants, then implant supported dentures may be a solution. Implant supported dentures combine a familiar denture prosthesis with modern dental implants. By retrofitting a denture to support implants, the denture can be “snapped” in place for a firm hold. Since the implants are embedded into the jaw bone, it will firmly hold the denture in place. With implant supported dentures, a patient may only need to have two implants placed in an arch to support their denture!

Full Mouth Dental Implants
When a patient wants to completely remove the need for dentures entirely, full mouth dental implants is often the chosen solution. Full mouth dental implants utilize four or more dental implants in an arch of the mouth, but permanently secure a prosthesis of teeth. This means there is no actual denture, but a bridge of teeth that cannot be removed. This makes them one of the most lifelike and natural solutions to restore health and function to the mouth. Additionally, since the teeth are permanently in place in the jaw, there is no need for removing them and they are as strong as natural teeth would be.

Get a Secure Solution to Your Smile

Don’t let slipping dentures cause any more embarrassment! Schedule a consultation today to discuss how dental implants can boost your quality of life! We invite you to meet our experienced and friendly doctor, Dr. Nick Brand, in our office in Ocala, FL!

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