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Dental Implants For Your Titanium Hypersensitivity

When you have missing teeth, you want to fix your smile as conveniently and securely as possible. One way in Ocala, FL is through the placement of practically permanent dental implants. After being surgically placed by trained dentists, dental implants offer a safe and reliable way to restore every mouth function, from chewing to speaking.

Yet what happens if you have an allergy to the titanium material used in traditional dental implants? Are you unable to take advantage of dental implant technologies? Not at all. However, you deserve to know more about titanium allergies and non-metal dental implant choices.

About Titanium Allergies in Dental Patients

Though titanium allergies are somewhat rare, they can and do occur. Often, patients with this type of allergy are unaware of their sensitivity. Or, they might know their body reacts negatively to metals, but may not think that dental implants will cause the same symptoms.

How would you know if you are sensitive to metals? Some of the standard signs of a titanium allergy after placement of dental implants include:

  • Hives or a rash on the skin;
  • Swelling of the soft tissues around the implant;
  • Itchy gums or skin; or
  • An unpleasant foul odor coming from around the implant.

Any of these indicators require an immediate trip to your dentist for an examination, and perhaps diagnostic treatments like x-rays and bloodwork. If your dentist suspects a titanium allergy is at the root of your physical responses, your implant will probably be removed.

It is important to also note in very rare cases, titanium may begin to corrode inside the body. This only happens if the titanium was not properly treated before being manufactured into implant materials, something we take extreme precautions to prevent. Though, in some cases, you will have symptoms of titanium allergies when this is occurring. If this is the case, the implant still needs to be removed.

A Ceramic Alternative to Titanium Dental Implants

What happens if you find out you are not a candidate for titanium dental implants? Consider CeraRoot implants instead. CeraRoot dental implants made from zirconia (a type of ceramic) contain zero metal. This makes them ideal substitutes for patients who may show signs, or have already shown signs, of titanium allergies. But what exactly is zirconia and how does it compare to titanium?

Well, zirconia is a manufactured mineral that comes from the zirconium-based mineral baddeleyite. This material shows a similar strength consistency with titanium having the ability to resist high heat and avoid corrosion.

Importantly for those who have metal allergies, this material is not formed out of rare earth metals and, in fact, has a ceramic coloration giving it a more natural look. This makes zirconia great for dental implants for those who have metal allergies.

An Innovative Procedure Using Zirconia!

But not only are these great for those with metal allergies, but CeraRoot dental implants also offer all of you the long-term functional and aesthetic benefits of titanium dental implants. Plus, they possess two key advantages lacking in titanium implants.

First, CeraRoot dental implants come up to the gum line, rather than being placed below it. This minimizes microscopic pockets between the implant, bone, and soft tissue where bacteria can sometimes hide and grow.

Because CeraRoot ceramic implants use zirconia, they are white instead of having a metallic shade like titanium implants. Therefore, CeraRoot implants blend seamlessly into the surrounding gums, which is especially important to patients whose gums are naturally thinner or lighter colored.

Arrange an Appointment to Discuss CeraRoot Implants!

Have a metal allergy or like the idea of a non-metal dental implant? Now is the perfect time to find out if CeraRoot implants could be the perfect fit for your needs.

New patients with missing and or damaged teeth who are interested in learning more about CeraRoot dental implants in Ocala, FL can call our office in Ocala, FL at (352) 653-2500. Have the longevity of dental implants with the aesthetics you’ve always wanted with CeraRoot dental implants today!

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