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What Are The Advantages of Zirconia for Dental Implants?

Are you experiencing tooth loss? Have you ever wanted to receive a smile makeover to help reveal a brand-new you? Wondering about metal free dental alternatives without compromising material strength? Zirconia Dental implants may be a great option for you! Your dentist in Ocala, FL can help you get a brand-new look by creating customized dental implants specifically for you. 


About the Materials Used

There are three main types of materials that are used in dental implants: zirconia, titanium, or porcelain. While porcelain and titanium are most often used, porcelain does not always offer a foundation for dental implants that is strong and long-lasting, and some patients may be wary of keeping metal in their mouths. Your dentist in Ocala, FL can use zirconia dental implants to create dental posts, which can be used to support a large number of teeth at one time. If you have multiple missing teeth, a dental bridge made from zirconia can help create a brand-new smile for you! Zirconia dental implants can also be used to replace single teeth as needed. Your dentist will evaluate your teeth and create the best, personalized treatment plan specifically for you using zirconia implants, which have a high, long-lasting success rate. Some advantages of choosing zirconia dental implants instead of porcelain include:

  • Stronger material for longer-lasting implants
  • Great option for those avoiding metal or porcelain due to allergies or choice
  • Potentially can keep gums and teeth healthier as they retain less plaque
  • Translucent color creates a more natural look
  • High success rate

In order to achieve the best possible results for your new smile, a dentist that specializes in placing dental implants is necessary. Dr. Nick Brand and his team of amazing artists at Dental Implants of Ocala in Ocala, FL, offer a variety of state-of-the-art technology and techniques such as CEREC to give you the best-looking smile using the highest of quality materials in the office. Dr Brand has over 20 years of experience in offering excellent dental services, and tooth restoration. Dr. Brand and his team offer a comfortable, streamlined treatment process all executed in-house. Full mouth and individual implants are offered and are more comfortable than traditional dentures and offer a more natural look.


Ready to learn more?

Contact our doctors, Dr. Nick Brand and Dr. Eric Rustemier, in our office in Ocala, FL to get started and schedule a consultation to get a customized plan to create your brand new smile with this revolutionary procedure!

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