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Missing Teeth? Here's What We Can Do To Help!

Dealing with loose or missing teeth can be a long-lasting, devastating experience. Whatever the reason may be for this experience, one main cause of loose or missing teeth includes the occurrence of gum disease, which occurs when bacteria growth caused by plaque and tartar buildup leads to gum irritation and inflamed gum tissue. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem! A dentist in Ocala, FL can help remedy the issue of missing or damaged teeth with the placement of dental implants!


About the procedure

A dental implant is a synthetic tooth root in the shape of a post that is surgically placed into the jawbone. The “root” is usually made of titanium: the same material used in many replacement hips and knees, and a metal that is well-suited to pairing with human bone. A replacement tooth is then fixed to the post. The tooth can be either permanently attached or removable. Permanent teeth are more stable and feel more like natural teeth. The ideal candidate for implants is a non-smoker who has good oral health, including a sufficient amount of bone in the jaw, and healthy gums with no sign of gum disease.

About the practice

Dr. Nickelice Brand and the amazing artists at Dental Implants of Ocala are skilled in restorative implant care and can replace loose or missing teeth with permanent dental implants, giving you a beautiful new smile and optimal oral health, even if you have experienced severe gum disease or extensive tooth loss in one or both teeth arches. Dr. Brand and his team offer single, multiple, or full arch dental implants using the advanced technology to prep, install, and maintain them, including:

  • Sinus lift augmentation
  • Autogenous bone grafting
  • Implant site development
  • Cone beam CT
  • Computer-enhanced treatment planning
  • Guided surgical technology


Ready to Get Started?

These are the very basics, but there is a lot of other information available for dental implants. When you are ready to learn more, contact our dental implant specialists, Dr. Nick Brand and Dr. Eric Rustemier, in our office in our office in Ocala, FL to schedule an appointment today!

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