Dental Patient Worried About Her Dental Implant Procedure

Dental Anxieties? IV Sedation May Help!

Dental anxiety is serious. Many patients who come to us have dental anxieties caused by unfortunate cases of trauma early on in their lives. That is why we are proud to offer IV sedation in Ocala, FL as a way of easing those anxieties about dental procedures. At our practice, IV sedation has proven to help several our patients with their anxieties. There are a few options to choose from that may work best to help you get through your dental anxieties. 


Sedative Options

There are different sedatives that can be used depending on your comfort levels with using sedatives.

One option we provide is general anesthetic. This form of IV sedation provides you a way to go into a state of unconsciousness during a dental procedure so we are able to operate without you remembering what occurred. This is a great option for those who have severe dental anxiety or dental phobias.

There is also the option for local anesthetics. This numbing agent blocks the pain receptors in each area of the mouth allowing for us to perform necessary procedures without any pain being felt on your end. This is a good option for those with mild to moderate dental anxiety.

Another option we provide is typical IV sedation. How IV sedation works is through a small device which attaches to your arm and provides sedation fluid to your body. Typical IV sedation induces a lowered state of consciousness but also makes it so you cannot remember the procedure. Whilst not technically fully asleep, this is typically a better option for those with moderate dental anxiety.

We understand that, for some, IV sedation may cause another layer of anxiety. We are happy to say we offer an oral sedation as well that provides a similar solution to that of typical IV sedation. This is another good option for those with mild to moderate dental anxiety.


Discuss Sedation Options Today

At our location in Ocala, Florida, our trained staff is ready to make you comfortable and ease your dental anxieties. With decades of experience, Dr. Nick Brand is well equipped to handle many dental procedures. Dr. Brand works diligently to provide an experience to relax patients and make them as comfortable as possible with decisions regarding their dental health.

Dr. Brand is ready and waiting to talk to you about the many sedation options on offer here at Dental Implants of Ocala. If you are ready to make this important decision, consider calling us at (352) 306-5595 or using our web contact form to schedule your first consultation. Put your dental health first and consider IV sedation today!

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