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Can I Replace A Full-Arch Of Missing Teeth In Ocala, FL?

Missing a few teeth is one thing, but missing a whole bunch can be totally debilitating. Today, there is a great way to replace missing teeth known as All-On-4®. Whilst there are other options out there, All-On-4® is a cheap solution that is also strong and long-lasting. All of this and more are available and Dental Implants of Ocala. Here is how All-On-4® works and how you can get them in Ocala, Florida.


How All-On-4 Works

All-On-4 is a full arch restoration option. The restoration are held in place using four dental implants at specific points for support and anchor the dentures. This is a graftless full-arch solution meaning less time is needed to heal the gums and more time for you to live your life!

This is a safe, predictable, and long-term solution for replacing a whole arch of teeth. With a lifetime of 7 and a half years which is met 98% of the time and a 95% satisfaction rate, All-On-4 is a fantastic solution for those looking for an arch replacement. This option can also be performed within the same day of surgery meaning no halfway efforts are needed between procedures.

A Typical All-On-4 Procedure

How All-On-4 procedures go is nothing too strenuous. First, clearing any debris, rotted or decayed teeth, and any other obstructions from the site. Then, placing the dental implants, two directly down and two at a 45-degree angle to mimic the structures and decrease the likelihood of bone decay. Finally, the hybrid denture is placed on top to replace the missing teeth.

Whilst the site will be sensitive for a short while after the procedure, you will have a whole new set of teeth. Of course, this procedure is done whilst you are sedated by a certified anesthesiologist who will monitor your vitals throughout the whole procedure. This is to decrease the amount of pain you could experience through the procedure.


Is All-On-4 Right For You?

Figuring out what the best solution for you is can always be challenging. With so many options to consider nowadays, what if this one is not a good fit? Most, if not all, of those who have visited us have had similar concerns about this or any procedure and want answers for their specific case.

Luckily, Dr. Nick Brand is a world-class doctor who has worked with countless individuals and helped them through their specific issues. Dr. Brand works to make procedures as transparent as possible and give honest opinions on what option is best for you rather than push a costly implant that may not be your best solution on you. With a genuine concern for everyone who visits us, Dr. Brand wants to help figure out what works best for you.

If you would like to meet him along with the rest of our amazing staff in our office in Ocala, FL, consider scheduling a consultation today. We will take scans of your mouth to get a better glimpse into your situation and address all the concerns you have. We look forward to helping you through this life-changing journey!

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