Dental Implant Patient Smiling After Her Same Day Dental Implant Procedure

Are Same Day Dental Implants Possible In Gainsville, FL?

Many people are turned off by the idea of dental implants because of the length of time it takes for them to fully take shape. With months of waiting between the placing of the post and the realization of a prosthetic crown, it’s not worth the wait for many.

Fortunately, Dental Implants of Ocala may be able to help with same day dental implants. Through the use of advanced techniques and technologies by highly-trained professional staff, we are able to help many get same-day dental implants! 


How Do Same Day Dental Implants Work?

This process is similar to how normal dental implants are placed just all done within a window of one day. We start by extracting remnants of the no longer viable tooth, whether it be root structures or still have some left. Then, we place the post. To do this, we drill into the jawline and situated it in a way that keeps it tightly secure. Following this, a temporary crown or prosthesis is placed on top so you can go about your day with minimal interference from the tooth.

This process was made to eliminate the use of half measures such as partial or full dentures, partials, or flippers. Best of all, there are minimal interferences into your life through the use of the temporary crown until a more permanent one can be fashioned.

Most people who are seeking dental implants qualify for same day dental implants. A few of the criteria for same day dental implants are:

Many of these issues that may arise are cleared through pre-surgical appointments at our facilities. Making sure you are able to have this option requires careful examination so there are no surprises when the doctor starts the surgery.


Choose Us For Your Dental Implants

If you are seeking dental implants and want to see if you qualify for same day dental implants, consider Dental Implants of Ocala, Florida. Located close to the Gainsville area, we are always happy to take on new clients and assess whether they are able to have same day dental implants

Our world-class staff and expert doctor, Dr. Nickelice Brand, have decades of experience in placing dental implants. With our implant design and manufacturing facility in the same building as our practice, we are able to get results to you faster than anyone else getting you the teeth you need and deserve quicker and cheaper than ever.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Nick Brand and see if you are a good candidate for same day dental implants, consider calling us at (352) 653-2500. We are looking forward to building a new smile for you, with you!

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