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Is It Possible To Get Dental Implants Cheaply Near Me?

The cost of dental implants can truly be a barrier for many trying to replace their teeth. That is why we at Dental Implants of Ocala work to provide options to everyone so that we can meet the needs of as many people as possible.

When providing options, certain options can be more beneficial to some than others. Understanding your options is important, so here is what you could find options-wise here in Ocala, Florida.


Dental Implants for Different Symptoms


Generally speaking, all dental implants will have a fairly high cost associated with them. But, for those who do not experience many health issues, same-day dental implants or single dental implants may be your best option. Since only one or a few teeth are being replaced, the cost is lower than those needing to replace a full-arch of teeth. These options typically rely on using standard materials such as titanium for the post material which can be a barrier for some who have rare earth metal sensitivities.

For those who have a full-arch replacement needed, this can be more expensive. That being said, by the time three, four, or more teeth need to be replaced, it does save money over replacing them individually. Especially if the decay or damage has caused other teeth to have similar signs of decay or damage, this option can truly save you in the long run. There are two big options we provide.

The first option is implant-supported dentures. This is the less costly of the two and functions great, all be it with a little less aesthetic charm. Because of how these implants are situated, the implants themselves may be visible slightly which some do not like. That being said, this option provides full functionality back to your mouth and allows you to enjoy the foods you have been missing.

The second option is the All-On-4 or full-arch dental implants. These are both aesthetically and functionally sound but are also the most expensive of the options available. These are a great, long-lasting option for those who want the best option available.


Affording Dental Implants


These costs are prohibitive to many who are trying to support better oral health. That is why we provide easy payment options for those who cannot pay out of pocket for their implants. These options are low with little interest payments to make sure you are able to get the assistance you need whilst not breaking the bank to afford them. Plus, we work to bring down the costs of our facilities by bringing our dental lab inside the same facility our offices are. This means we are able to save money on shipping these delicate dental devices helping drive down costs for you whilst providing the quality you deserve.

If you want to take about how we keep costs low or are ready to discuss your dental implant options, consider contacting us at (352) 306-5595 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brand at our Ocala Florida location. We look forward to transforming your smile with affordable dental implants! 

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