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Do You Really Need A Bone Graft For A Dental Implant In Gainesville, FL?

Looking into getting dental implants is a great step for oral health but then you find out your bones are too weak to support implants. That’s where bone grafting comes in handy. Bone grafting can restore jawbones and allow you to get dental implants.

This is what bone grafting is and how we would utilize it to help you in Gainesville Florida.


How Bone Grafting Works


When we have missing teeth over a long period of time or suffer a facial trauma, our mouth slowly losses bone density and strength over time. Bone grafting allows doctors to restore the bones in order to better support your healthy teeth and dental implants.

Bone grafting is a process where the healthy bone is taken from other areas of the body and fuse that bone, in this case, in your jaw. Bone is not taken from critical areas and you are consulted the whole way through this process to make sure you are comfortable with what is happening. In cases where bone cannot be taken from other places, a bone replacement material is used and layered in what we call a membrane. This process helps restore the bone.

This is not a long procedure. Once a consultation has been had and a surgery day scheduled, this is a fairly standard procedure that takes around an hour. That time may change depending on the complexity of your specific case. Once completed, there will be some soreness in the area for a while but most people are able to manage discomfort with over-the-counter painkillers. There is also a rare chance the bone does not grow to attach. This would require further treatment in order to allow for the bone to properly grow and heal.


What Bone Grafting Gets You In Gainesville, FL


By having a bone grafting treatment done when necessary, you will be able to have dental implants placed to restore your teeth. By replacing these critical bones for the structure of your teeth, we are able to rebuild the natural contours of your jawline, restore the integrity of your jaw, and preserve more youthful facial aesthetics.

If you are looking to have dental implants after having a bone graft, the process of healing from bone grafting could take four to five months. After this point, the bone is strong enough to support a dental implant, allowing you to complete your journey and restore your smile once and for all!


Do You Need Bone Grafting To Support Your New Implants?


Dr. Nick Brand has performed bone grafts on multiple patients with different levels of complexity. Our entire staff at Dental Implants of Ocala works diligently to provide a strong and healthy smile to everyone with who we work.

If you are in Gainsville Florida or the nearby area and are looking to start your journey to a brand new smile, consider contacting us by calling (352) 306-5595 to schedule a consultation. Let us do the work and restore your mouth today!

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