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Same Day Dental Implants? How Is That Possible!

That can’t be right, same day dental implants? Many doctors will say this, but few will follow through. With a passion to provide dental implants at the most affordable cost, unlike many others, this practice is able to offer real, same-day dental implants in Ocala, FL. Here is how this office is able to give you the smile of your dreams!


In-House Lab

Many doctors say they can offer same day dental implants but may require an initial consultation in order for this process to truly start taking shape. This is where an in-house lab facility comes in handy.

Where many doctors have to send paperwork off to a lab with details about the designs of a patients implants, this practice can do it all in one office. The lab in Ocala, FL is under the same roof as the office patients visit to see their trusted dentist. Less waiting time, less costly shipping, and more smiling for patients!

Advanced Dental Technology

A lot of this process can be assisted with a technology known as CEREC, meaning Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Crowns.

CEREC allows the office to take digital scans of patients mouths in a fast and easy way. This is immediately sent to a computer that designs the dental implants and crowns needed for a procedure. The in-house lab team will take a look over the designs and the doctor will give it final approval before sending them to the manufacturing machine. After a few hours, the dental implants will be ready to be placed in the patients mouth.

Who Qualifies For Same Day Dental Implants?

Finding out who qualifies for certain procedures can be difficult. For same day dental implants, the window for qualifying is much larger than some procedures. Almost everyone seen at this office can qualify for this treatment. The largest limiting factor to this treatment will be a high amount of gum loss so having an examination is still important to determine if you qualify.

That being said, if you have been told you cannot wait to get new teeth, consider same day dental implants at the office in Ocala, FL. This practice will complete the whole process of tooth extraction, implant placement, and loading of patient’s prosthesis in one appointment to save time and money and allow patients to keep on smiling!


Come To Our Office!

To meet with our incredible Dr. Nick Brand and find out if you can be helped with our same day dental implant process, consider coming to our office!

Get in contact with Dr. Nick Brand in our Dental Implants of Ocala to schedule an appointment today!

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