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What Are CeraRoot Dental Implants?

For patients who are nervous about getting dental implants, CeraRoot dental implants in Ocala, FL could be a great option. This is because CeraRoot dental implants offers a strong ceramic alternative to the traditional titanium dental implants available. 

CeraRoot dental implants are a great option for those who have metal sensitivities and allergies and for those looking for a more natural alternative for their restorative tooth replacements. 


What Are CeraRoot Dental Implants In Ocala, FL?

CeraRoot is a ceramic dental implant alternative to traditional metal-based titanium dental implants. Titanium is used as a post material, the part of the dental implant surgically implanted into a patient’s jawbone.

Zirconia is a biocompatible, ceramic compound material that integrates into the natural bone line much easier than other dental implant posts. Zirconia is a well-proven alternative to titanium or other metal implants and has even proven to be better in some cases. One of the many benefits of zirconia is that it is bio-inert, meaning it will not corrode ever.

The Benefits Of CeraRoot Dental Implants In Ocala, FL

There are many benefits that come with getting CeraRoot dental implants to restore a patient’s smile. Ceramic dental implants offer a more aesthetic alternative to other dental implant options. Because ceramic dental implants look and function similar to natural teeth, they look, feel, and are taken care of in a similar way to natural teeth. 

The CeraRoot dental implant also has the benefit of the implant and abutment being one unit, making it look cosmetically better than other options. Another thing to keep in mind is the functionality of CeraRoot. Is it as reliable an option as metal dental implants? Yes! 

Between the sturdy base of zirconia and the fact that the dental implant and the abutment are one piece, CeraRoot dental implants provides even greater stability for dental function than other metal-base titanium options. This means patients can eat what they like, talk easy, and live their life worry- free with CeraRoot dental implants.

How Do I Get CeraRoot Dental Implants?

The best way to start the process of getting CeraRoot dental implants, is with a consultation with a trusted and skilled doctor. An experienced doctor can examine a patient’s tooth and mouth structure in order to determine if they are a good candidate for CeraRoot dental implants.

Finding a doctor to trust placing CeraRoot dental implants can be difficult. A dental office in Ocala, FL has one of the best respected dental implant specialists in the country. 


We Can Place Your CeraRoot Dental Implants 

Are you ready to restore your smile? Get in contact with Dr. Nick Brand and our highly skilled team at our Dental Implants of Ocala office to schedule an appointment today!

Having placed thousands of dental implants using state-of-the-art precision technology, Dr. Brand is one of the best skilled doctors. Our team of dental professionals can give you a personalized consultation to determine if CeraRoot dental implants are the best tooth replacement option for you.

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