Bone Graft Where A Tooth Is Missing

Why Do I Need A Bone Grafting Treatment In Ocala, FL?

If someone is considering a dental implant treatment, they may need a bone grafting treatment before they can proceed. Bone grafting in Ocala, FL can heal a patient’s jawbone and provide them a healthier overall look to their face. Here is how a bone grafting treatment can help patients get the healthy and functional smile they deserve.


What Is A Bone Grafting Treatment In Ocala, FL?

Bone grafting is the process of taking bone from a healthy area of the body and placing it somewhere a patient needs in order to support their overall health. In dental terms, the doctor is typically taking other healthy bones or using synthetic bone to restore the patients jaw or maxillofacial bone.

Most often, bone grafting is used to restore a patient’s jawbone for the purpose of a dental implant placement. Dental implants require a stable base to hold them. That is why it is incredibly important for dental implants to be placed after a bone grafting treatment. The jawbone can then be stimulated, keeping it strong and healthy

What Is The Bone Grafting Process In Ocala, FL?

The bone grafting treatment process starts with a call to a doctor who can provide bone grafting services. Once at the appointment, scans are taken of the mouth to determine how much bone grafting is needed and where it would be most beneficial. Then, there will be plans drawn for how the bone grafting treatment will be done and how long the healing process will likely take.

After plans are made, it is time for surgery. Once in surgery, the area is cleared, the graft is implanted, and then anchored by two tiny screws. The whole graft is coated in a material that will help the bone integrate into the rest of the bone. Then, once everything is done and cleaned up, the patient can be woken up from the sedation and sent home.

The healing process after bone grafting can take a while but will guarantee successful integration into the rest of the patient’s bone. This means patients can be a candidate for dental implants and can begin working towards the smile of their dreams!


We Can Give You A Bone Grafting Treatment

If you are in search of an experienced dental office that can give you an exceptional dental implant treatment, then look no further. Our team of dental professionals can give you a consultation to see if bone grafting is the best treatment option for you and your needs. Get in contact with Dr. Nick Brand at our Dental Implants Of Ocala office to schedule an appointment today!

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