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Does Dental Implant Surgery Hurt In Ocala, FL?

Hearing the word surgery can send shivers down the spines of many. The mere mention of a pain-inducing act can cause a ton of fear and anxiety. Many people wonder if their dental implant surgery in Ocala, FL will hurt. That is why a dedicated and caring office will make sure that patients’ dental implant surgeries are as comfortable and anxiety-free as possible. Doing so allows patients to have successful dental implant treatments.


Can Sedation Dentistry Give Me A Pain And Anxiety-Free Dental Implant Surgery?

When people are anxious or simply do not want to experience pain during a procedure, IV sedation, an affective sedation dentistry option, is the best way to go! IV sedation is an intravenous liquid that can put people into a sleep-like state throughout their procedure. While this is not anesthesia that can put people fully to sleep, IV sedation is the next best and can make a procedure comfortable and anxiety-free!

People do not go fully to sleep under IV sedation like they would with a general anesthetic. But, the chemicals from the sedative will block the patients pain receptors during the procedure, making it so they do not feel the pain!

This is also great for those who have dental anxiety as IV sedation reduces the patient’s nerves during the procedure, helping them relax. IV sedation makes it possible for patients to get the dental implant procedure in Ocala, FL they need without having to deal with the pain and discomfort that comes with surgery.


Who Can Use IV Sedation During Their Dental Implant Surgery?

IV sedation is something that a skilled doctor can provide to all of their patients who are getting a dental implant surgery. This measure works for nearly everyone as it can work on some people who are intolerant to general anesthetic.

For those who are worried about IV sedation, we do offer oral sedation as another option. This option gives a similar effect to IV sedation but can be less stressful for some because of its more limited effects. Whether it is IV or oral sedation, this caring office can reduce the pain and anxiety patients can feel during their dental implant treatment.


We Can Give You A Pain And Anxiety-Free Dental Implant Treatment

Many people who come to our office struggle with dental anxiety and the fear of experiencing intense pain during their procedure. This is nothing to be embarrassed about! We specialize in working with patients who have dental anxiety and work hard to provide a calm and relaxed environment for everyone. That is why we provide options for sedation for our patients to make dental implant surgery easier and more comfortable than ever.

Dr. Nick Brand has worked in the field of dental implants for years. With his incredible expertise and drive to stay on top of trends in the field, he has provided countless successful dental implant treatments.

If you or a loved one is struggling with dental anxiety and is in need of treatment, you should come to our skilled office for a consultation. Get in contact with Dr. Nick Brand and our team of professionals at our Dental Implants of Ocala office to schedule an appointment today! Relax during your procedure with IV sedation and avoid the pain from a dental implant treatment.

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