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Are There Factors That Affect The Cost Of Dental Implants In Ocala, FL?

As people begin to research dental implants for themselves, they may try searching how much dental implants will cost them. They may be surprised to find only general information about how much dental implants will cost them. The reason for this is simple: Quite a few factors can affect the final cost to receive dental implants in Ocala, FL. Continue reading to learn more about the factors that can affect the cost of people’s dental implant procedures.  

Factor 1: The Type Of Dental Implants You Need

Do people need to replace just one missing tooth or a full arch of missing and hopeless teeth? The answer will change their dental implant procedure cost. Single dental implant procedures cost much less than full arch dental implants. However, it should never be assumed that full mouth dental implants are out of reach. There are a variety of ways people can finance their full mouth dental implant procedure.

Factor 2: If Tooth Extractions Are Needed

It is a myth that everyone who wants dental implants will come to a dental professional with a mouth of missing teeth. Often, patients have many unsalvageable teeth that are too decayed, damaged, or diseased to restore.   A dental professional must professionally extract each of these teeth before dental implants can replace them. Whenever possible, the dental professional will perform tooth extractions on the same day as the dental placement surgery to keep costs to a minimum.

Factor 3: The Need For Bone Grafting

Individuals with bone loss in the jaw will require a bone grafting procedure before they can be successfully treated with dental implants. Like tooth extractions, bone grafting can sometimes happen during the same appointment as the dental implant placement surgery, reducing treatment time and cost.

Factor 4: The Materials Used

High-quality materials used for dental implant procedures always make it a more expensive procedure experience. Patients, however, will get more value for their dollar, as well as better results and peace of mind, when advanced dental technologies are used for their dental implant procedures.

Factor 5: A Highly Skilled Doctor

Going to a dental professional who has an impressive track record for successfully placing countless dental implants — and who has invested in an onsite dental lab to maintain control over the whole dental implant procedure process — improves the patient’s chances of loving their smile outcome. It also increases the cost of the patient’s dental implant procedure. The cost is worth the quality treatment patients will receive with dental implants.

See Us Now So We Can Determine The Factors That Will Affect Your Dental Implant Procedure Cost

Choosing to improve your smile with dental implants in Ocala, FL is a life-changing decision, and not one to be taken lightly. To help guide your choices and find out your dental implant procedure costs, you should come to our modern, dedicated, and caring office. Don’t hesitate to improve your smile with us. Get in contact with Dr. Nick Brand and our exceptional team at our Dental Implants of Ocala office to schedule an appointment today!

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