Which Factors Impact The Cost Of Dental Implants In Ocala, FL?

Dental implants are considered to be a gold standard tooth replacement option. Not only are they a reliable treatment method, but they can restore a patient’s dental functionality, their appearance, their oral health, and their confidence. Because every person’s smile is unique, dental implant procedures are customized to each patient’s specific needs and wants.

The procedure factors that impact the cost of dental implants in Ocala, FL vary from patient to patient. Continue reading to learn about the specific factors that impact the cost of dental implants.


The Factors That Impact The Cost Of Dental Implants In Ocala, FL

The procedure factors that impact the cost of dental implants are the number of missing teeth people have, any additional procedures they may need, and the types of materials used for the dental implants. The following goes into more detail about how each dental implant procedure factor impacts their overall cost:

The Number Of Missing Teeth

Depending on the number of missing teeth people have, they can get treated with one or more dental implants, and with a specific type of dental implant procedure option. The types of dental implant procedures patients can get treated with, depending on their wants and needs, are single dental implants, implant supported dentures, and full mouth dental implants.

Single dental implants can replace a tooth in a one-to-one ratio. Implant supported dentures are for those who have missing teeth or are tired of dealing with the uncomfortableness or instability of traditional dentures. Full mouth dental implants are great for those who need to restoratively replace a full arch of missing teeth.

The total number of dental implants needed, as well as how many teeth need to be replaced, will play a role in the final cost of people’s dental implants. .

Additional Treatments

Sometimes, before people can be successfully treated with dental implants, they will need to first get treated with other procedures. When people have severely damaged or infected teeth, for instance, they will need to remove those teeth with tooth extractions. If people have jawbone density and volume loss, they will need to restore their jawbone with a bone grafting procedure.

Once necessary additional procedures, like bone grafting and tooth extractions, are completed, then people will be able to get reliably treated with dental implants. These additional procedures will be added to the overall cost of a person’s dental implant procedure.

The Dental Materials

The types of materials used for dental implants will be a cost factor in people’s dental implant procedures. While titanium material for example, is typically used for dental implant posts, sometimes people need zirconia dental implant posts instead. Materials used for dental implants will be determined by each patient’s needs and wants.


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