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Am I A Candidate For IV Sedation In Ocala, FL?

At a skilled and trusted dental professional’s practice, patients can be administered with IV sedation in Ocala, FL before their dental procedure begins. With IV sedation, patients will have a comfortable, painless, and anxiety-free dental procedure experience. There are a number of reasons why people are candidates for IV sedation. Ready to learn about the specific reasons why people are candidates for IV sedation? Continue reading to learn about the specific reasons why people are candidates for IV sedation.

What Exactly Makes Me A Candidate For IV Sedation In Ocala, FL?

How will patients know if they are candidates for IV sedation? First, the patient will need to assess their feelings about getting examined and treated by a dental professional. Does the thought of a dental office cause anxiety? Avoiding going to a dental professional due to prior problems or embarrassment about teeth? Have a strong gag reflex or difficulty sitting still for more than a few minutes? Those who have these problems are candidates for IV sedation. If the dental professional agrees that IV sedation is the right choice, the patient can feel less worried about improving their smile and oral health. Many patients rely on IV sedation to help them restore the performance and appearance of their mouths when they:  
  • Replace one or more of their teeth with restorative dental implant options
  • Have unsalvageable teeth extracted by a dental professional.
  • Undergo bone grafting in preparation for future dental implants.
  • Start a full-scale smile makeover journey that includes many procedures.

How Does IV Sedation Help Me Get The Dental Procedures I Need?

IV sedation is a type of sedation dentistry aimed at helping patients stay comfortable, calm, and confident during their dental visits and surgical appointments. Just about anyone who dislikes going to the dentist can be a candidate for sedation dentistry solutions. IV sedation is particularly useful during surgical procedures like dental implant placements, bone grafting, and tooth extractions. IV sedation works by delivering a sedative directly into a patient’s bloodstream through the veins. As soon as the sedative enters the blood, it begins to produce a sense of relief and relaxation to the patient. Most dental patients who opt for IV sedation remember little to nothing about their appointments. Instead, they just recall being a little drowsy and pain-free during their dental procedure experience.

See Us Now So We Can Determine Your Candidacy For IV Sedation

With IV sedation, we can predictably give you the smile of your dreams. Don’t hesitate to improve your smile with us. Get in contact with our doctors, , Dr. Nick Brand, and our exceptional team at our office by Ocala, FL to schedule your consultation!

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