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Bone grafting to treat severe bone loss Ocala, FL

Your Answer to Bone Loss

If you have missing teeth, you may have noticed that your jaw line is shrinking, becoming smaller and thinner as time passes. This is one of the effects of tooth loss and can lead to a change in your bite and even alter your facial appearance. Bone loss can also make it very difficult or impossible to replace missing teeth with dental implants. Fortunately, bone grafting is your answer! Bone grafting techniques restore the natural shape and strength of your jaw bone and can qualify you for dental implantsthe permanent tooth replacement solution. With decades of experience, our team excels at bone grafting procedures and offers this treatment as part of our comprehensive implant dentistry services. Seek the expertise of our skilled implant dentist, Dr. Nickelice Brand, if you have missing teeth or have been told that you do not qualify for dental implants due to bone loss.

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What is a dental bone graft

The Reason for Bone Grafting

We provide bone grafting treatments to ensure our patients’ candidacy for dental implants. When coupled with implant care, the outcomes of grafting procedures can have lasting benefits. Bone grafting at our Ocala, FL practice can:

  • Replace bone critical for implant placement
  • Rebuild natural contours to the jaw ridge
  • Restore structural integrity of the jaw bone
  • Preserve more youthful facial aesthetics
bone grafting Ocala , FL

Our Bone Grafting Services

Bone grafting in the jaw rebuilds the ridge so that it is strong and dense enough to safely support dental implants. Bone material, either from the patient or a donor source, is placed at the treatment site and allowed to heal and integrate.

A sinus lift or augmentation replaces bone after tooth loss in the upper, back portion of the jaw. We will place bone material below the sinus to lift the membrane and create greater volume of bone to support a dental implant.

PIEZOSURGERY is a technique that uses piezoelectric vibrations to cut bone without damaging healthy gum tissue. This technique greatly improves precision during the procedure and minimizes the chances of bleeding at the site.

Multiple tooth loss can leave the jaw bone ridge thin, weak, and uneven. Ridge augmentation procedures restore the natural contours and volume of the bone so that one or more implants can be securely and safely placed.

PRGF is derived from the patient’s own blood and placed at the treatment site to promote accelerated healing and regeneration of new soft tissue and bone. Because it comes from the patient, the risk for infection is eliminated.

Guided tissue regeneration involves using an artificial membrane to cover over bone graft material at the treatment site. This keeps gum tissue away from the tooth and bone and promotes undisturbed healing of the hard tissue and further stability of the tooth.

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