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Have you been living with a damaged or missing tooth and don’t want the hassle of taking multiple trips to the dentist? Now you won’t have to thanks to our training and experience in CEREC technology! CEREC is a same-day dentistry solution involving a digital software and in-house milling machine. Using this technology, we can restore your tooth to optimal health and function in one visit. We design and mill CEREC crowns out of zirconia, an incredibly strong and aesthetic material that withstands normal biting and chewing pressure and is resilient to staining and cavities. Whether you have a damaged or worn tooth or need one replaced with a dental implant, we have the technology and training to accomplish this in a single appointment. If you are in search of convenient, high-quality dentistry, choose our Ocala, FL practice for same-day dentistry using CEREC crowns!

The Benefits of CEREC Crowns

  • Functional, attractive tooth in ONE visit
  • Strong and aesthetic zirconia material
  • Feel confident in a complete smile
  • Enjoy convenient, comfortable care
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Dr. Brand describes how CEREC technology improves patient experience

How CEREC Crowns Work

Many of our patients choose CEREC crowns for their convenience and high-quality results. Thanks to this technology and our digital treatment planning, we can provide you with a brand-new tooth in a matter of hours instead of weeks. At your surgical appointment, we will strategically place the dental implant into your bone. Then, we scan the area with our digital technology and use this information to design a custom CEREC crown in our software. This design is transferred to our in-house milling machine where your new CEREC crown will be fabricated out of a block of zirconia. In most cases, the digitally designed crown and incredible precision of our milling machine eliminates the need for any alterations of the crown once it is ready. We will ensure that it looks naturally shiny and translucent, then bond it securely to your dental implant. You will leave our office with a tooth that looks, feels, and functions just like normal! If you have a missing tooth, we encourage you to experience the convenience of same-day dentistry with our CEREC crown treatment!

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