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Protect Your Smile from Painful, Failing Teeth

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The First Step Toward a Healthier Smile

Losing a natural tooth is always unfortunate, but if the tooth is seriously damaged or decayed, a tooth extraction will end your tooth pain and benefit your oral health. It also paves the way for a healthier and permanent alternative to a failing tooth: dental implants

We offer tooth extractions as part of our dental implant treatment process if your natural tooth is too damaged to save. Tooth extractions are one of the most common procedures completed by our implant dentist, Dr. Nickelice Brand, who has the extensive surgical training and experience to successfully extract teeth while you are relaxed with IV sedation

Combined, this specialty experience and administration of stronger sedation create the ideal environment in which you can undergo a tooth extraction at our Ocala, FL office and receive dental implants. In most cases, we can streamline your treatment process by removing your problem tooth or teeth and replacing them with implants during the same appointment.

Reasons for Tooth Extractions

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From Failing Teeth to a New Smile

If you need tooth extractions due to damaged or failing teeth, you have options for replacing them. However, dental implants are the only option that can provide life-long improvements in the function and health of your smile. Our tooth extractions process is incredibly simple. 

After you are comfortably numb (and sedated, if necessary), we will gently remove your tooth with specialized dental tools that minimize damage to the surrounding bone and healthy gum tissue. If, at your previous consultations, we planned for an implant to be placed immediately, we will do so at this time using a pre-made, custom surgical guide. 

Whether you need single or multiple tooth extractions, we have the resources to offer most patients the option to have a temporary crown or bridge attached to the implant(s) at this appointment as well! You will be able to enjoy the benefits of an aesthetic and functional smile even while your implants are healing. 

It is normal to feel apprehensive about needing tooth extractions, but our team is here to ensure the process from failing teeth to a new smile is as comfortable as possible.

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