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How Much Will I End Up Paying for Dental Implants?

For many people, getting dental implants is a life-changing event. But as beneficial as this life-changing event may be, change can be hard. And in the case of dental implants, it isn’t the implant surgery that stands as an obstacle in the face of change. Often, it’s the cost of the parts and the procedure that presents the biggest challenge to those who want to restore their smile to their prime. Take a look at how much you can expect to pay for life-changing dental implants.

Parts and Labor
Whether you need one dental implants or a full set of eight, you’ll encounter several constants and several variables in the total price of your treatment.

First, a look at the parts of a dental implant:

The implant post – the implant post will range anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000, depending on the construction and composition of the post; for example, some are made of pure titanium, others are made of titanium alloys.

The dental crown – you can expect to pay between $500 and $1500 for this part, which is hardened porcelain that’s colored and shaped just like the natural tooth it’ll replace.

The abutment – ranging similarly in price as the dental crown, the abutment serves as a connector between the dental crown and the titanium implant post.

On the labor side of things, and this is highly specialized labor, your dental implant treatment will also include some of the supporting procedures below:

Implant placement – your dentist and staff will work to precisely place your dental implants, ensuring the implant provides optimal support for chewing, biting, talking and smiling.

Tooth removal – if you have decayed teeth in your mouth, you’ll need to have them pulled to make way for your dental implants.

Bone graft – if your gum disease is severe, you may not have enough jawbone left to support your dental implant. A bone graft, taking from natural or synthetic sources, will be packed into the area of the jawbone where your implant will go.

Find Out More
Take a moment to schedule an appointment with a local dentist to learn more about your options for getting dental implants in the Villages, FL or in Ocala, FL.

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