How Dental Implants Can Benefit Your Oral Health

Have you been wondering which is the best solution for replacing your missing tooth? You might be debating between a partial denture (flipper) and a dental bridge. But there’s a better alternative than these options—one that provides you with amazing long-lasting benefits. Dental implants can permanently restore your smile’s function and natural aesthetics! Best of all—unlike partials and dental bridges—dental implants provide numerous benefits to your oral health.

The 3 Ways Dental Implants Improve Oral Health

  1. Dental implants preserve your natural jawbone:
    One of the main consequences of missing teeth is bone loss in your jaw. Without teeth, your bone won’t have a reason to remain healthy and strong. Instead, it will shrink away, shifting your remaining teeth out of place, and if too many teeth are missing, even altering your facial appearance. Dental implants bond to your jawbone and function just as natural tooth roots do, helping provide the stimulation needed to maintain healthy, dense bone.
  2. Dental implants cannot become decayed:
    The visible parts of your new teeth with dental implants (a dental crown, dental bridge, or full set of teeth) will never decay. Though the natural gum tissues and bone around an implant are still susceptible to infection, the implant restoration itself won’t ever get a cavity or need a root canal. Dental implants help preserve your oral health long-term if you care for your smile as if you had real teeth.
  3. Dental implants make it easy to eat healthily:
    By restoring missing teeth with dental implants, you can also restore the function needed to bite and chew a variety of hard, chewy, and tough foods. You’ll be able to improve your oral health by eating a well-balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Your mouth’s health is often considered a window into the body’s overall health. Improving oral health with proper diet can also improve physical health and your body’s immune system.
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