The Top 4 Consequences of Tooth Loss

Have you lost one or more teeth? You may only be concerned with the cosmetic issues that result from tooth loss. But did you know that there are more unseen consequences of missing teeth? As vital structures in your mouth, teeth help to keep your bone and gum tissues healthy, in addition to providing natural aesthetics and function so you can smile and eat confidently. Without even one tooth, these structures can begin to break down, causing many long-term problems.

One of the first consequences you may experience from one or more missing teeth (especially if they show when you smile) is feelings of embarrassment and self-consciousness about your appearance. You may feel ashamed that you lost teeth at all, even if the gaps aren’t visible to others.

Jawbone Resorption
The second most immediate consequence of tooth loss is jawbone resorption. This is a process that occurs in your jaw when it doesn’t receive healthy stimulation from natural tooth roots. Over time, your jawbone will shrink and become narrow and weak. The problem with this atrophy is that it can cause surrounding teeth to shift out of place and alter the way your teeth fit together when you bite.

Decay and Gum Disease
If one or more teeth have been lost as a result of severe decay or gum disease, the chances of this continuing to be a concern are high. Similarly, as other teeth shift out of place, they can become more difficult to clean properly. This can make them more susceptible to cavities and infection when unremoved food debris leads to bacteria-releasing plaque buildup.

Eating and Speaking Issues
One of the more troubling consequences of tooth loss is the potential for you to experience speaking and eating problems. You may develop a whistling sound or lisp whenever you enunciate certain words. And, without teeth, you might find it increasingly difficult to eat on one side of your mouth or bite and chew foods like you used to.

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