How to Get All New Teeth in Just One Day

When you are missing teeth or have a mouth full of failing teeth, everyday activities that were taken for granted before become much more of a hassle. And when these begin to impact your life every day, many patients try to seek a long-term solution that can give them back their oral function and youth quickly. While you can never get your natural teeth back, with dental implants you can restore virtually 99% functionality and even have your teeth look as good, or better, than they did before. For those who are tired of living a restricted lifestyle with tooth loss, there is even an option to get all new teeth in just one appointment with same day dental implants.

Why Same Day Dental Implants can be Life Changing

  • All surgeries performed and completed in one visit
  • No waiting for functional teeth
  • Begin using your mouth again like normal
  • Instantly improves confidence levels

What Makes Same Day Dental Implants Different? Typically, when receiving dental implants, patients may have to go through multiple treatments over the course of several weeks to months. This means they are always living with their incomplete smile while it is a work-in-progress. For some, it could be months before they can even eat solid foods again. But with same day dental implants, the entire procedure can be completed from start to finish in just one single day. Patients will be able to leave the office with a set of temporary teeth that look and feel like natural teeth, allowing them to bite, chew, smile, and speak with confidence.

How is it Done so Quickly? Same day dental implants are able to be completed so quickly due to advanced technology and doctor skill. Often the prerequisites of the procedures are done ahead of time, such as x-rays, impressions, and designs of the teeth. Using 3D surgical guides, the surgery portion is planned ahead of time, so when the day comes for your new teeth, there is no guesswork involved. Patients are sedated and remaining teeth are extracted and implants placed all at once. After the implants are in place, a temporary arch of teeth is created in a CEREC milling machine, which can create custom teeth in minutes. These temporary teeth are created while you wait and attached immediately, letting you use and enjoy them right away.

Don’t Wait. Start Smiling Now!

Stop accepting tooth loss! Reach out to your local dentists, Dr. Nick Brand and Dr. Eric Rustemier, in our office in Ocala, FL to schedule your first appointment with us today and restore the confidence in your smile!

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